Google’s Self-Driving Car Finally Bones One, Causes A Crash For The First Time Ever

aahahHAHHA AHHA HA. Suck a dick robots.

Google’s self-driving car, the first in a series of autonomous beings that will slowly integrate their way into our society before eventually becoming our overlords, fucked up.

It hit a bus.

Perfect fuckin self-driving car my balls, can’t even not hit a bus. You know how many buses I’ve hit? Fucking zero.

The accident occurred just three miles from Google’s Silicon Valley campus, on Valentine’s Day afternoon. Where it hit a bus.

Google’s car was attempting to make a right-hand turn on red, and moved to the right side of a wide lane on El Camino Real to pass traffic stopped at the light. But as Google’s car neared the intersection of Castro Street, its path was blocked by sandbags around a storm drain, according to a report Google filed with the California DMV.

Google’s car tried to go around the sandbags by cutting into the line of vehicles on the left side of the lane. Instead, it struck a metal piece connecting the two halves of an accordion-style bus, according to a Valley Transportation Authority spokeswoman. Google said its car was going less than 2 mph and the bus was moving at 15 mph. Both parties said there were no injuries and described the crash as minor.

LOOOLLL shitty fucking robot car you didn’t even look before you merged. Good luck taking over the world with that skill.

Google’s fleet of self-driving cars had previously driven 1.4 million miles without being at fault for a crash.

Humans average about two crashes every million miles, so I guess the robots still have something going for them.

Google, for its part, has characterized the accident as a learning experience.

“We hope to handle situations like this more gracefully in the future,” Google said in a monthly report. “We clearly bear some responsibility, because if our car hadn’t moved there wouldn’t have been a collision.”

Yah damn right. Can’t even not hit a bus. Self-driving car my ass.

[Via Washington Post]