U.S. Map Shows What Every State Googled The Most In 2016

I have so many questions. Like, why did New York Google Adidas more than anything? The hell is up with that? Also, what the fuck is Quizlet? While we’re on the topic of “what the fuck,” what the fuck is Kahoot? Similarly, what the fuck is Slitherio? How can these possibly be the things that entire states Googled the most? Trump makes sense. Clinton makes sense. The iPhone 7 and Stranger Things even make sense. But fucking Quizlet?!?!

Of course I understand that just because I don’t know what something is doesn’t mean that the rest of the country isn’t hip to it. It just means that I refuse to accept it.

In case you can’t read that map, here is the  MOST GOOGLED TERM BY STATE: (according to the good folks at HighSpeedInternet)

Alabama: Hillary Clinton

Alaska: Olympic Games

Arizona: Stranger Things

Arkansas: Quizlet

California: iPhone 7

Colorado: Finding Dory

Connecticut: Trump

Delaware: Slitherio

DC: Trump

Florida: iPhone 7

Georgia: iPhone 7

Hawaii: Pokémon

Idaho: Finding Dory

Illinois: iPhone 7

Indiana: Quizlet

Iowa: Stranger Things

Kansas: Euro 2016

Kentucky: Hillary Clinton

Louisiana: iPhone 7

Maine: Hillary Clinton

Maryland: iPhone 7

Massachusetts: Trump

Michigan: Finding Dory

Minnesota: Stranger Things

Mississippi: 123 Movies

Missouri: iPhone 7

Montana: Stranger Things

Nebraska: Stranger Things

Nevada: Wells Fargo Login

New Hampshire: Ted Cruz

New Jersey: iPhone 7

New Mexico: Wells Fargo Login

New York: Adidas

North Carolina: Quizlet

North Dakota: Stranger Things

Ohio: Hillary Clinton

Oklahoma: iPhone 7

Oregon: Euro2016

Pennsylvania: Hillary Clinton

Rhode Island: Powerball

South Carolina: Kahoot

South Dakota: Stranger Things

Tennessee: iPhone 7

Texas: iPhone 7

Utah: Finding Dory

Vermont: President of the United States

Virginia: Trump

Washington: Stranger Things

West Virginia: Ted Cruz

Wisconsin: Stranger Things

Wyoming: Stranger Things