The WiFi Password For Reporters During Tonight’s GOP Debate Is ‘StopHillary’ And I Think It’s An Anagram, Bros


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We’re just a few hours away from the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate hosted by FOX News, a debate in which Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is expected to completely wipe the floor with neurosurgeon and childhood stabber Ben Carson. As the members of the media began to receive their credentials for tonight’s GOP Debate a bunch of tweets began to surface showing tonight’s rather noteworthy WiFi password, the password that is to be used by ALL MEMBERS of the media: StopHillary.




ArsTechnica was first to report on this, but I think they might’ve been confused by what’s going on here. They seem to be under the impression that this is an affront against Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, but to me it’s PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that the WiFi password of ‘StopHillary’ is an anagram for something even more nefarious.

Now I’ve ran ‘StopHillary’ through an anagram solver to pull some possibilities on just what FOX News is trying to say with this WiFi password for the media, here are the most likely options (though none of these anagram answers use all of the letters):

airt phyllos
airts phyllo
alloy thrips
alloys thrip
alphyl riots
alphyl tiros
alphyl torsi
alphyl trios
alphyl trois
alphyls riot
alphyls tiro
alphyls tori
alphyls trio
aphis trolly
apish trolly
apishly rotl
aril phytols
arils phytol
artsy philol
astir phyllo
atop shrilly
atopy shrill
atrophy ills
atrophy sill
hail protyls
hails portly
hails protyl
hallo stripy
hallot spiry
halos triply
halt prosily
halts pylori
halts ropily
haply triols
harlots pily
harls polity
hast pillory
hats pillory
hila protyls
hillo pastry
hillos party
hilltop rays
hilltop ryas
hilltops ray
hilltops rya
hilltops yar
hilly pastor
hilt pyrolas
hilts pyrola
hist payroll
history pall
hit payrolls
hits payroll
holily parts
holily prats
holily sprat
holily strap
holily tarps
holily traps
holla stripy
holly tapirs
holp trysail
hop rallyist
horsily plat
hostly pilar
hot spirally
hotly spiral
hyps litoral
ills atrophy
lair phytols
lairs phytol
laithly pros
lari phytols
laris phytol
lath prosily
laths pylori
laths ropily
liar phytols
liars phytol
lira phytols
liras phytol
lirot plashy
liroth palsy
liroth plays
liroth splay
lith pyrolas
litoral hyps
litoral phys
loathly rips
lop trashily
loti sharply
loyal thrips
lyart philos
lyart polish
ohs paltrily
orally piths
orally shipt
pail shortly
pall history
palsy liroth
paltrily ohs
parish tolyl
parts holily
party hillos
pastor hilly
pastry hillo
pathos rilly
patrol shily
payor thills
payors thill
payroll hist
payroll hits
payroll shit
payroll sith
payroll this
payrolls hit
phalli ryots
phalli story
phalli stroy
phalli troys
phalli tyros
philol artsy
philol satyr
philol stray
philol trays
philos lyart
pht sailorly
phyla triols
phylar toils
phyllo airts
phyllo astir
phyllo sitar
phyllo stair
phyllo stria
phyllo tarsi
phyllos airt
phys litoral
phytol arils
phytol lairs
phytol laris
phytol liars
phytol liras
phytol rails
phytol rials
phytols aril
phytols lair
phytols lari
phytols liar
phytols lira
phytols rail
phytols rial
pial shortly
pilar hostly
pillory hast
pillory hats
pillory shat
pilot rashly
pily harlots
piths orally
plashy lirot
plashy triol
plat horsily
playlist rho
plays liroth
poh rallyist
pol trashily
polish lyart
polit rashly
polity harls
portal shily
portly hails
poshly trail
poshly trial
potash rilly
prats holily
pros laithly
prosily halt
prosily lath
prosy thalli
protyl hails
protyls hail
protyls hila
pylori halts
pylori laths
pylori shalt
pyrola hilts
pyrolas hilt
pyrolas lith
rail phytols
rails phytol
rallyist hop
rallyist poh
raphis tolyl
rashly pilot
rashly polit
ray hilltops
rays hilltop
rho playlist
rial phytols
rials phytol
rialto sylph
rilly pathos
rilly potash
riot alphyls
riots alphyl
rip tallyhos
rips loathly
rips tallyho
ropily halts
ropily laths
ropily shalt
ropy tallish
rotl apishly
royal spilth
rya hilltops
ryas hilltop
ryots phalli
satyr philol
shalt pylori
shalt ropily
sharply loti
sharply toil
shat pillory
shily patrol
shily portal
shipt orally
shit payroll
shoal triply
shortly pail
shortly pial
shrill atopy
shrilly atop
sill atrophy
sitar phyllo
sith payroll
soapy thrill
spahi trolly
spilth royal
spiral hotly
spirally hot
spirally tho
spiry hallot
splay liroth
sprat holily
stair phyllo
story phalli
strap holily
stray philol
stria phyllo
stripy hallo
stripy holla
stroy phalli
sylph rialto
sylph tailor
tailor sylph
tallish ropy
tallyho rips
tallyhos rip
tapirs holly
tarps holily
tarsi phyllo
thalli prosy
thill payors
thills payor
this payroll
tho spirally
thrill soapy
thrip alloys
thrips alloy
thrips loyal
tiro alphyls
tiros alphyl
toil sharply
toils phylar
tolyl parish
tolyl raphis
tori alphyls
torsi alphyl
trail poshly
traps holily
trashily lop
trashily pol
trays philol
trial poshly
trio alphyls
triol plashy
triols haply
triols phyla
trios alphyl
triply halos
triply shoal
trois alphyl
trolly aphis
trolly apish
trolly spahi
troys phalli
trysail holp
tyros phalli
yar hilltops
a hill sporty
a hilly ports
a hilly prost
a hilly sport
a hilly strop
a hips trolly
a holly spirt
a holly sprit
a holly stirp
a holly strip
a holly trips
a holp lyrist
a hols triply
a hypo trills
a hypos trill
a ills trophy
a illy thorps
a lily thorps
a lip shortly
a lirot sylph
a lory spilth
a lyrist holp
a opt shrilly
a phis trolly
a phots rilly
a phyllo stir
a pill shorty
a pish trolly
a pithy rolls
a ploy thirls
a ploys thirl
a poll shirty
a poll thyrsi
a poll yirths
a polls yirth
a poly thirls
a polys thirl
a ports hilly
a poshly tirl
a posy thrill
a pot shrilly
a prost hilly
a prosy thill
a rilly phots
a rilly tophs
a rolls pithy
a ropy thills
a ship trolly
a shirty poll
a shortly lip
a shorty pill
a shrill typo
a shrilly opt
a shrilly pot
a shrilly top
a sill trophy
a silly thorp
a slily thorp
a sophy trill
a spilth lory
a spirt holly
a sport hilly
a sporty hill
a sprit holly
a stir phyllo
a stirp holly
a strip holly
a strop hilly
a sylph lirot
a sylph triol
a thill prosy
a thills ropy
a thirl ploys
a thirl polys
a thirls ploy
a thirls poly
a thorp silly
a thorp slily
a thorp yills
a thorps illy
a thorps lily
a thorps yill
a thrill posy
a thyrsi poll
a tirl poshly
a top shrilly
a tophs rilly
a trill hypos
a trill sophy
a trills hypo
a triol sylph
a triply hols
a trips holly
a trolly hips
a trolly phis
a trolly pish
a trolly ship
a trophy ills
a trophy sill
a typo shrill
a yill thorps
a yills thorp
a yirth polls
a yirths poll
ah ill sporty
ah illy ports
ah illy prost
ah illy sport
ah illy strop
ah li protyls
ah lilt prosy
ah lilts ropy
ah lily ports
ah lily prost
ah lily sport
ah lily strop
ah lis portly
ah lis protyl
ah lop lyrist
ah lory slipt
ah lory spilt
ah lory split
ah lyrist lop
ah lyrist pol
ah opts rilly
ah pill ryots
ah pill story
ah pill stroy
ah pill troys
ah pill tyros
ah pills ryot
ah pills tory
ah pills troy
ah pills tyro
ah pily rotls
ah pis trolly
ah pity rolls
ah ploy tirls
ah ploys tirl
ah ply triols
ah pol lyrist
ah poly tirls
ah polys tirl
ah port silly
ah port slily
ah port yills
ah portly lis
ah ports illy
ah ports lily
ah ports yill
ah post rilly
ah posy trill
ah pots rilly
ah potsy rill
ah prill toys
ah prills toy
ah pro stilly
ah prost illy
ah prost lily
ah prost yill
ah prosy lilt
ah prosy till
ah protyl lis
ah protyls li
ah psi trolly
ah rill potsy
ah rill typos
ah rills typo
ah rilly opts
ah rilly post
ah rilly pots
ah rilly spot
ah rilly stop
ah rilly tops
ah rip tolyls
ah rips tolyl
ah roll tipsy
ah rolls pity
ah ropy lilts
ah ropy still
ah ropy tills
ah rotls pily
ah ryot pills
ah ryot spill
ah ryots pill
ah silly port
ah silly trop
ah sip trolly
ah slily port
ah slily trop
ah slipt lory
ah spill ryot
ah spill tory
ah spill troy
ah spill tyro
ah spilt lory
ah spiry toll
ah split lory
ah sport illy
ah sport lily
ah sport yill
ah sporty ill
ah spot rilly
ah still ropy
ah stilly pro
ah stop rilly
ah story pill
ah stroll yip
ah strop illy
ah strop lily
ah strop yill
ah stroy pill
ah till prosy
ah tills ropy
ah tipsy roll
ah tirl ploys
ah tirl polys
ah tirls ploy
ah tirls poly
ah toll spiry
ah tolyl rips
ah tolyls rip
ah tops rilly
ah tory pills
ah tory spill
ah toy prills
ah toys prill
ah trill posy
ah triols ply
ah troll yips
ah trolls yip
ah trolly pis
ah trolly psi
ah trolly sip
ah trop silly
ah trop slily
ah trop yills
ah troy pills
ah troy spill
ah troys pill
ah typo rills
ah typos rill
ah tyro pills
ah tyro spill
ah tyros pill
ah yill ports
ah yill prost
ah yill sport
ah yill strop
ah yills port
ah yills trop
ah yip stroll
ah yip trolls
ah yips troll
ai hyp stroll
ai hyp trolls
ai hyps troll
ai phys troll
ai rotl sylph
ai stroll hyp
ai sylph rotl
ai troll hyps
ai troll phys
ai trolls hyp
ail holt spry
ail holts pry
ail horst ply
ail hyp rotls
ail hyps rotl
ail loth spry
ail ort sylph
ail phys rotl
ail ply horst
ail ply short
ail pry holts
ail pry sloth
ail rot sylph
ail rotl hyps
ail rotl phys
ail rotls hyp
ail sh portly
ail sh protyl
ail short ply
ail sloth pry
ail sly thorp
ail spry holt
ail spry loth
ail sylph ort
ail sylph rot
ail sylph tor
ail thorp sly
ail tor sylph
ails holp try
ails holt pry
ails hyp rotl
ails loth pry
ails orth ply
ails pht lory
ails ply orth
ails ply thro
ails pry holt
ails pry loth
ails rotl hyp
ails thro ply
ails try holp
air holts ply
air hyp tolls
air hyps toll
air lot sylph
air phys toll
air ply holts
air ply sloth
air polls thy
air sloth ply
air sylph lot
air thy polls
air toll hyps
air toll phys
air tolls hyp
airs holt ply
airs hyp toll
airs loth ply
airs ply holt
airs ply loth
airs poll thy
airs thy poll
airs toll hyp
airt holp sly
airt hols ply
airt lo sylph
airt phyllos
airt ply hols
airt poll shy
airt shy poll
airt sly holp
airt sylph lo
airth lop sly
airth pol sly
airth sly lop
airth sly pol
airths lo ply
airths ply lo
airts phyllo
ais hyp troll
ais troll hyp
ait hyp rolls
ait hyps roll
ait phys roll
ait ply shorl
ait roll hyps
ait roll phys
ait rolls hyp
ait shorl ply
aits hyp roll
aits roll hyp
al hi protyls
al hilt prosy
al hilts ropy
al his portly
al his protyl
al holist pry
al holt spiry
al holy spirt
al holy sprit
al holy stirp
al holy strip
al holy trips
al hop lyrist
al horst pily
al hostly rip
al hotly rips
al hyp triols
al hypo tirls
al hypos tirl
al hyps lirot
al hyps triol
al lip shorty
al lirot hyps
al lirot phys
al liroth spy
al lis trophy
al lith prosy
al litho spry
al lithos pry
al lop shirty
al lop thyrsi
al lop yirths
al lops yirth
al lory piths
al lory shipt
al loth spiry
al lyrist hop
al lyrist poh
al ohs triply
al philos try
al pht rosily
al phys lirot
al phys triol
al phytol sir
al pi shortly

So, bros…Which is it? What is FOX News trying to say here?!?!

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