Someone Strapped A GoPro To An Actual Rocket And Launched It Into Space

Good luck getting through this video without feeling dizzy. The first time I watched it I had to pause it twice because my eyes were getting all twisted up. Also, I’ve never really given rockets too much thought aside from ‘they burn a ton of gas really, really fast and exit the atmosphere really, really fast.’ It never occurred to me that they spin in circles faster than Hillary Clinton deflecting questions at a deposition.

Let’s check that once more in GIF:


I also had no concept of just how fast these things leave the atmosphere, because even though I’ve seen space shuttle launches here in Florida I’ve never actually been close enough to get a sense of the speed. I’ve only ever seen this stuff from a pretty far distance, and I guess that distance plays tricks and distorts how goddamn fast these rockets move.

Major props to whoever thought to attach a GoPro to a rocket. We’ve seen way too many GoPro videos lately that are just the same concept recycled over and over. Look, I love seeing your video of a GoPro dropped to the bottom of a reef while fishing because it’s cool to know what’s down there. I’ll continue to click those videos every time, but it’s mostly the same stuff over and over. This is a genuinely new and novel use of the GoPro and I dig that.

(h/t GoPro YouTube)

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