Man Loses It On Girlfriend For Saying His Dead Grammie Was Going To Come Back To Life Just To Bang Him With A Dildo

Florida is bringing in the 2015 the same way they said goodbye to 2014 — with a humdinger of a WTF story that reads like a Stephen King novel.

Casey Molter did some damage to his girlfriend’s Nissan Altima after the woman “prophesied” some things about Molter and his dead grandma. You see, Molter’s girl, she can see things other people can’t. Maybe in this case, she sees something other people don’t want to see. Mainly, Molter taking it in the dumper from a plastic dong thanks to good old Mee Maw.

A Florida man was arrested on criminal mischief charges for smashing the car of his “spiritual” girlfriend after she prophesied that his dead grandmother would return to him in his dreams — and violate him with what police called “an adult erotic device.”

According to TCPalm‘s Will Greenlee, Casey Molter and his unnamed girlfriend had gotten into a physical altercation earlier that morning, and police were called to break them up. At that time, Molter had only inflicted minor damage to her car and smashed her cell phone.

After police left, however, Molter continued to attack his girlfriend’s car, breaking a passenger side mirror, deflating its tires, and strewing the hood and windshield with used condoms and what the police referred to as “love notes” written in creams and lotions.

The love notes probably said something like “I’ll kill you, ya crazy bitch!” or something super sweet. The cops asked Molter to explain what the hell was going on and he had a perfectly logical explanation.

He said that she had told him that his deceased grandmother was going to return to him in his dreams, and that she was going to “commit an unusual sex act to him involving an adult erotic device,” the police report stated.

“Molter said that he could not get the image out of his head and he ‘snapped,’” the report continued.

No one talks bad about Grammie Molter! Nobody!

Oh Florida. I’ve got a feeling 2015 will be your best year yet.

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