Grandpas Smoke Weed For The First Time, Eat Cheetos, Giggle, And Have A Great Time

grandpas smoke weed first time

Cut Video

Cut Video first jumped on the YouTube scene a few years ago with their now infamous ‘Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time’ video. To this day, it’s still in my top 3 favorite videos on the Internet. It’s also probably the most popular thing I’ve ever blogged on this website with millions of views in under 24 hours.

Well, they’re back with ‘Grandpas Smoke Weed For the First Time’ and this is probably the most I’ve enjoyed watching a video on the Internet in months:

If you haven’t seen ‘Grandmas Smoke Weed For the First Time‘ you REALLY need to watch that video. I’ll admit that it is better than the clip of grandpas above, even though I love the innocence of these grandpappies getting blazed and falling asleep while eating Cheetos.

I don’t know exactly what makes ‘Grandpas Smoke Weed For The First Time’ so great, but it is. There’s something intriguing and endearing about getting to witness anyone experiencing something new for the first time, and it’s even better when that something new is weed and they’re giggling their asses off.