GRAPHIC: Gruesome Sound Of Powerlifter’s Quads Tearing From The Bone At National Championship

Tommy Dolan learned an important lesson about anatomy on this day. He regrettably received an education about tendons and how they’re just as important as muscles. No matter how large and strong that your muscles are, if your tendons can’t hold them to the bones it doesn’t mean shit.

See Tommy boy here is competing in the Irish Powerlifting Organization National Championship. Tommy’s max is 616 lbs. He tried to lift 617 lbs three times. He didn’t make it past the first gruesomely flawed attempt and suffered one of the worst sports injuries I’ve ever heard.

As he attempts to lift the 617 lbs, something goes amiss. Really, really amiss. The obscene amount of weight causes his quadriceps to tear off the bone and the sound is much more gruesome than any words I can write in this space. It’s a popping, flesh-ripping sound that I’ve thankfully never heard before because you don’t rip your quads from lifting a case of Leinenkuegl’s.

And based on the sheer pain in Tommy’s face, it hurt a fuck of a lot.

Don’t be a pussy Tommy, wrap that shit up and finish the set.