Shithoused Groom Tries To Give Bride Lap Dance On Wedding Floor To ‘Danger Zone’ And … Does Not Succeed

A very good life dictum is this: never be the drunkest person at a wedding. It’s not hard to do. Just say no to one or two rounds of shots, have a glass of water somewhere in there, and boom, someone else is gonna be the ass you all remember.

That rule is doubly true when you are the locus of attention, namely the bride and groom. Sure, it’s your wedding and you can do as you please, but remember, this is what everyone will remember about you for the rest of your life.

For this poor lad, it will be his attempt to give his bride a lap dance to “Danger Zone.” He takes a serious tumble during it, but give him credit. He does not give up, even when it’s very, very, very apparent he should.

So I guess we should laud his perseverance?