This Man Holds The Guinness World Record For ‘Most Teeth In The Mouth’ And Excuse Me While I Go Vomit

There is a VERY SPECIFIC number of teeth a human being should have in his or her mouth. It is just not right to have anything above or below 32 teeth (give or take a few depending on what you do with your wisdom teeth, but getting those removed is normal). I don’t know why there’s a Guinness World Record for having the ‘most teeth in the mouth’ because WE SHOULD ALL HAVE THE SAME NUMBER OF TEETH.

Vijay Kumar of India holds the Guinness World Record for having the ‘most teeth in the mouth’ at 37. That’s FIVE more teeth than the average human being has, and that’s the record for most in the world. This is an unsettling sight for my eyeballs to behold:

Again, the average (normal) human being has 32 teeth…Vijay Kumar has set the Guinness World Record with 37. That’s NINE more teeth than a puppy has (the average puppy has 28 teeth) and only five less teeth than an adult dog. That’s also FIVE more teeth than the average adult gorilla. Gorillas, like humans, only have an average of 32 teeth. Furthermore, the Great White shark has just 24 ‘exposed teeth’ on its top and bottom jaws for a total of 48…which this dude isn’t too far from.

I’ve blogged about some weird Guinness World Records in the past, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one as unsettling to my brain as ‘the most teeth in the mouth’ by a human being. Now, just for good measure I’d like you all to take a look at the mouth of a Sheepshead fish (they eat barnacles). This tweet of mine is over a year old but it’s as creepy today as it was two Octobers ago: