Guy Has 4 Tricks To Success On Tinder (That Actually Work!) By Getting Help From The Last Person You’d Expect

Eddy Azar isn’t a Tinder master; he’s just a lucky Bro whose wife just happens to not only be down for an open marriage, but is totally willing to help him get laid off Tinder. After the two agreed to see other people while remaining with each other last November, Eddy downloaded Tinder and figured getting laid would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Unfortunately, as you’ve all realized, Tinder isn’t actually that simple when you’re aiming for quality over quantity.

Within Eddy’s first hour on Tinder he only made two matches. Two. That’s more real people than Matt Keohan will ever have sex with, but still pretty lousy. It turns out, however, that Eddy’s wife is a bit of a pro when it comes to getting dates off the app:

He explains: “My wife is one of the best pickup artists I know – or at least she is when she’s wearing my face.”

Even though Eddy says he “was sometimes swiping right on everything”, it wasn’t until his wife stepped in that he had successes.

“My wife grabbed my phone and set up two dates for me. In half an hour,” he admits.(via)

As of January 30th Eddy has reportedly swiped right 1079 times, with 32 of those swipes being superlikes. Knowing that organization and success go hand-in-hand, he created a spreadsheet in order to “work on improving his attractiveness to women.”

This is what he’s learned:

1. Tinder is a number’s game for guys

Eddy’s match ratio is only 7.05%, and even when adding in superlikes it’s still only 12.5%. It gets even worse when you find out that 19.4% of girls will eventually unmatch you…but like Eddy said, Tinder is a game of numbers, meaning that you only need ONE match to get lucky.

2. Talking about the girl you’ve matched is the best way to get her to respond

Eddy says he tried out eight different types of opening lines on his Tinder matches:

• About pics. I comment on something about her pictures.
• Interesting question. I ask her some random interesting question.
• Name joke. I make a joke about her name.
• Name! I literally just say her name plus an exclamation mark and maybe a smiley face.
• About bio. I comment on something about her bio.
• Hey. I literally just say hey. Exclamation marks and smiley faces optional.
• GIF. I send a gif.
• She messaged me.(via)

Of those opening lines, Eddy says that talking about his match’s pictures got him a whopping 91.67% response rate, while asking about her bio brings up a close second with an 87.5% response rate. The others? Not so much – and while talking about her bio will make it more likely the two of you carry on a long conversation, according to Eddy’s findings asking about her photos makes it “twice as likely (25%) to get her number.”

3. Not a lot of girls send the first message, but the ones who do are winners

According to Eddy’s findings, only “about 12.5% of girls will open the conversation first,” however of those 12.5% they’re also reportedly “145% more likely than average to have a long conversation with you, 244% more likely to give you their number, and 271% more likely to plan a date with you.”

In other words, if a girl hits you up first you’re almost guaranteed at least a date…assuming you don’t fuck it up and talk about dog sex or bestiality or something equally as not-sexy.

4. If you can take your conversation off Tinder, you’re probably getting laid

Eddy said that while he hasn’t been using Tinder long enough to go on all the dates he’s planned, he’s realized that if a girl likes you enough to give you her personal information (cell phone, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) she’s almost guaranteed to at least go on a date with you.

Once you match with a girl, you have a 15.63% chance to get her contact info.

0% of women will ask for your number (my wife is literally the only girl I have ever seen ask first). So it’s up to you.

I’ve gotten the contact info of 10 girls. These have been phone numbers, Instagram names, Telegrams, and Lines. Nine of these girls have planned dates with me.

You can read more about Eddy’s adventures in learning how to win on Tinder HERE!

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