Some Guy Was Arrested For Golfing Naked And Here I Thought This Was A Free Country

For some reason police were called when a man, Robert Ide, 55, decided to play a little golf on Cape Cod the other day. Sure, he was naked, but still, is that wrong?

And sure he wasn’t actually at a golf course. He was at a softball field near a school. Probably working on his short game is my guess. No need to hit the driving range for that.

Of course, witnesses at the scene recorded the man, because, that’s what you do when you see a naked man hitting golf balls at a school.

Turns out that Ide was homeless and had just set up shop outside the softball field’s fence. Where else was he going to get his naked golfing in? He obviously doesn’t own a car.

Police also reported that he had been drinking. Uh, yeah, he was playing golf!

America, I just don’t know what to do with you anymore.