Guy Calls Out Wife’s Ex-Boyfriend For Cheating With Her, Ex Delivers BRUTAL Comeback On Facebook (PHOTOS)

Facebook is a wonderful place for sharing photos and keeping in touch with people from high school for the sole purpose of seeing exactly how fat they’ve gotten and figuring out whether or not you can show up to your 10 year reunion and justifiably spit on all the peasants who are now 200 lbs. and over. It is, however, NOT a good place for starting drama. Want your dirty laundry aired out all over your front lawn? Fine, start shit on Facebook, but it never ends well. Case in point? This guy who’s accusing his wife’s ex-boyfriend of cheating with her. Shit goes from “pathetic” to “OOOOOOH stop talking you’re all a bunch of turds” in less than 10 seconds.

[Via Imgur]