Guy Casually Orders A Quesadilla At Taco Bell Drive-Thru As Girl Gets Her Head Slammed To Pavement In Vicious Catfight

If there ever was a tutorial on how to film a viral video this would be it. The gentleman films this nasty catfight horizontally, steadily and in HD! Then he doesn’t ruin the video with any of unwanted commentary. And to boot, he did this all while he calmly placed his order at a Taco Bell drive-thru in Indiana.

“I’ll have three chicken soft tacos, fresco style,” he casually tells the drive-thru operator as the catfight begins to erupt in the background and a soda is hurled.

The Taco Bell employee kindly asks, “Can I get you anything else like a drink?” The man continues to record the violent tussle and responds by saying, “Yeah, ummm, I’ll have a large Diet Coke.” This order is placed while both females are punching and scratching the shit out of each other.

I like how this dude thinks he’s ordering healthy, three chicken tacos fresco and a large Diet Coke. Then his inner fatso pipes up at the last second and orders a chicken quesadilla. You’re at Taco Bell, order something decent like a Spicy Triple Down Crunchwrap or Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme or even a Chalupa Supreme.

A couple of firefighters see the fracas and mosey on over to attempt to break up the brawl, but they end up watching the catfight, probably taking some mental images for the spank bank.

Finally, a man rocking a fanny pack comes over to separate the ladies.

As for the videographer, he gets the following grades:

A++ on the camerawork.
D- on the Taco Bell order.

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