Guy Claims He Got Caught Cheating On His Girlfriend After She Checked His Location Using The ‘Pokemon GO’ App

Evan Scribner is either a liar, a cheater or both – in an interview with the New York Post, he claims that his girlfriend caught him cheating on her with his ex by checking his Pokemon GO account. If you’ve played the game you’ll realize this doesn’t make any sense, as the Pokemon GO map doesn’t show who else is playing around you or store where you’ve traveled for others to see. Yet here we have Scribner…

After canoodling with an ex-flame in Bushwick last week, Scribner said he opened up the game and caught a bat character.

The mobile game leads players to virtual characters through a real-world map, using the device’s geolocation services to monitor where each Pokémon they catch was found.

That means that anyone who happens to look at his activity on the game would see where he was when he was playing it.

And that’s just what he says his current flame did on Sunday back at his Sunnyside pad — she picked up his phone and noticed he had been playing the game in Brooklyn.

“She saw that I had caught a Pokémon while at my ex’s house,” a broken-hearted Scribner told The Post.

…claiming that his girlfriend logged into his game, looked up where he’d been that day and saw he was at his ex-girlfriend’s house.

If there actually IS a way to see where you’ve walked while playing Pokemon GO then please, someone tell me and I’ll update this and say that Evan isn’t a liar, only a cheater – but I’ve clicked every goddamn button in this game and can’t find a single option to view where you’ve walked in the past. I think this dude is lying, and I think that if you don’t know the difference between a Zubat and “a bat character” then maybe, MAYBE you shouldn’t be writing about Pokemon GO.

But what do I know? I’m only at level 5 because the game only works 50% of the time for me. Oh well, at least I’m not so desperate for attention that I’ll go crying to the first news outlet who’ll listen about how I got caught cheating by playing Pokemon just for the sake of seeing my name in the papers, right?

And in case you’re not as well acquainted with the game as I am, here’s all the other crazy shit you can find while playing the game:

[Via New York Post]