Some Guy Died At His Desk And It Took TWO DAYS For Someone In His Office To Notice

Let me repeat: a guy who worked in an office WITH ABOUT 100 OTHER STAFF MEMBERS on the same floor as him died while working at his desk and no one noticed for two days!

And you thought no one paid attention to you at your job?

“People thought he wanted to work in peace and no-one disturbed him,” [an anonymous government] official said.

The man was eventually found, after two days, mind you, when a friend called him to have lunch. Thank goodness this man had friends or he might still be sitting there.

“The reason for this was caused by many coincidences,” Anita Wickstroem, director at the Helsinki tax office, told AFP news agency.

“He was very much working alone and often visiting companies, while his friends and colleagues who used to have lunch or coffee with him were busy in meetings or outside the office at the time,” she added.

The head of personnel at the office said that after this event procedures would have to be reviewed.

No kidding.

H/T Death and Taxes; Dead office guy image by Shutterstock