All I’m Watching Today Is This Guy Faceplanting In Front Of Thousands While Skating And Singing National Anthem

People are constantly attempting to improve upon the singing of national anthems, but rarely do they actually enhance the songs that have been around for hundreds of years and performed millions of times. However that doesn’t stop performers such as Mark Donnelly to put their own personal touch on the classics. Donnelly is no stranger to singing national anthems, he is a singer, known for performing “O Canada” for the Vancouver Canucks, but on this day he was singing it for the crowd at the Penticton Vees game, a junior hockey team who play in the British Columbia Hockey League. However Donnelly was dead-set on impressing the crowd with his unusual rendition of “O Canada,” he sang the national anthem in a tux while skating around the rink. One slight problem, the red carpet was still laying on the ice and if you know a little something about physics you know that fabric will produce a great deal more friction than ice when a skate attempts to slide across it.

Donnelly’s remix of “O Canada” is pretty amazing, “Our home and native land-AGHHHHHH!” *FLOP*


I will give the guy credit he kept singing and then even fell once more, but got up and continued skating and singing. If Mark Donnelly wanted people around the world to hear his spectacular rendition of the Canadian national anthem, then he achieved just that.