Look At What This Guy Found In His Potato Chip Bag And Be Jealous You’ll Never Be This Lucky In A Million Years

Is it a diamond? Money? An ultra-rare Pokémon card that no one cares about anymore because it’s 2015 and not 1998?

No, it’s better than that. Better I tell you, BETTER!

It was…


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As for whether or not the damn thing tasted any good, our lucky gent who found it in the first place said the potato block “tasted like a stale, burnt French fry / salt cube.” Apparently this manufacturing defect happens when the potato slicer head jams which allows whole potatoes to slip into the fryer, according to Reddit user EnterraCreator.

Aren’t you happy you clicked on this? Didn’t it fill your life with joy? Yep, me too. That’s how sad and pathetic my life is: that I clicked on a mystery potato chip link and got all peachy when I saw it was a potato blob. Someone please kill me.


[H/T Mirror]