If You’re Gonna Prank Your Friend, Make Sure He Doesn’t Own A Gun

I am strictly anti-pranks. I enjoy watching pranks from a safe distance, but I want no part in participating in any prank wars. The reason being that most people are super uncreative, so most “pranks” end up just being things like “let’s take a shit in his suitcase!” I’m not down with destruction of property, especially when that property is mine.

This video is another good reason for me to stay as far away from the prank game as possible. You think you’re gonna give everyone a good laugh by scaring your scaredy-cat friend Kevin, but one thing leads to another, and you’re staring down the barrel of a gun. As a general rule, pranks are no longer funny if someone ends up dying.

Southerners do not mess around when it comes to their residence. I think most Southern states even have a law on the books that if you look at someone’s house for too long, the homeowners are well within their legal rights to shoot you up to a total of fifty-seven times with a machine gun. If you live in the South and you’re gonna prank your friend, do it away from his house, and make sure to pat him down first.