Guy Puts Photo Of Girlfriend ‘Cheating’ On Facebook, People SLAY Him When They Realize They Already Broke Up

Protip to all the fellas and gals out there: if your significant other has a key to your place and you unceremoniously dump them, make sure to get the key back before leaving, or if you forget at least try to change your locks ASAP. Why? Because if your aforementioned boyfriend/girlfriend is a clingy nutbag they might break into your place, take a picture of you sleeping and then post said picture to Facebook and claim that you’re “cheating.”

Or you could ignore my advice and then end up in the same boat as the poor girl in the photo below:

For clarity’s sake, the original poster is marked in red, the guy who’s sleeping in the photo is blue and everyone else marked in black is just a plethora of Facebook commenters.

Basically what happened was the girl’s “boyfriend” posted a photo to Facebook claiming that she was cheating on him and that he’d caught her red handed, except some of his friends call him out because they knew that he’d already broken up with her the day before – meaning that she wasn’t cheating on him at all. The guy sleeping in the photo, blue, then shows up to explain WHY he’s even sleeping at her house in the first place, and points out the fact that red “crept into the place after breaking up with her,” adding insult to injury.

Red should’ve quit while he was ahead, in other words:

[Via Imgur]