Guy Arrested For Pissing Himself In Walmart Because He Tried To Stick Something Really Odd Down His Pants

A guy being arrested for pissing himself in the middle of Walmart must happens at least once a day at every store location across the country. In fact, Walmart’s slogan should be “Low Prices. Tons of pant pissers.”

A Tennessee man was arrested for not just pissing himself but for shoplifting. It was the theft that made him piss his pants, not out of fear, but because fish are slimy and known to induce urination in older adults.

A worker told an officer that the suspect, David Wylie of Clarksville, was seen urinating on the sales floor near the alcohol while trying to put a package of trout in his pants and he then attempted to leave the store without paying, the warrant stated.

The officer wrote that Wylie told him he did indeed urinate on the floor but “was not concerned because it was a misdemeanor.”

Obviously the suspect has pissed in a store before since he knows the charges it carries.

Wylie, 56, was arrested and charged with shoplifting, vandalism, indecent exposure and public intoxication. The warrant puts the value of the items he attempted to steal at $130 and the price of that trout would make anyone piss themselves.

[via KSDK]