Guy Quits His Job To Play ‘Pokemon Go’ All Day, Gets Offered NEW Job With Gaming Company Because Life Isn’t Fair

The Pokemon Go craze has had its ups and downs – from the touching story of a Bro finding a Pikachu, his deceased little brother’s favorite Pokemon, sitting atop his grave, to the idiot who walked into a police station to catch a Pokemon but wound up getting arrested because he had an outstanding warrant, there’s enough stories out there to make you want to start playing the game, then quit, then play and quit again.

As for Tom Currie, a 24-year-old gamer who recently quit his job so he could play Pokemon Go full-time, this story will make you want to quit the game and then quit life. A former barista, Tom says he didn’t admit the real reason he quit to his boss, and what does it matter? According to the New Zealand Herald, Tom was offered a brand new job almost immediately after:

“What has happened to me in the past week has been bizarre,” he said. “People from all over the world have been contacting me and following what I am up to on Facebook.

“I couldn’t believe it when a company in America emailed me wanting me to become a full-time Pokemon Go instructor.

“It would never have happened if I hadn’t quit my own job.”

Supposedly Tom has 93 of the total 151 Pokemon available to catch in the game, having taken 20 bus trips around New Zealand hunting for the digital monsters. You may be jealous of his fancy new job and his 93 Pokemon, but don’t be – Tom clearly needs a hobby, specifically one that doesn’t include walking around in parks with his eyes glued to his phone, swiping frantically at the Pidgey bopping around his screen.

And just in case you missed what exactly Pokemon Go is, here’s a helpful video to get you up to speed ASAP:

[Via New Zealand Herald]