Guy Is Rejected Asking Girl On Second Date, Accidentally Texts Her Message Where He Calls Her 5.5/10 And ‘Average’

Bitter much, dude? At the very worst you have to open up Tinder on your phone and find someone else at least moderately appealing to ask out on a date, and at best you saved some money from not having to take her out again. Honestly you should be thanking her – she could’ve just strung you along for the free food and movie tickets until she got tired of you, but instead she told you the truth: that she’s not into you and that you should spend your time barking up a different tree.

And what does she get in return for being honest? A text that was meant for one of his friends, yet was dumb enough to accidentally send to her. The whole thing reads salty as hell, and personally I’m more embarrassed that this guy apparently thinks he’s hot shit and that it don’t stank during the summer. “I was even super nice to her,” as if you’d be intentionally rude on a first date? “She is lucky that I went on a date with her,” says the guy who wanted to go out for a second but got turned down anyway.

Take this as a lesson in how NOT to handle rejection:

[Via Imgur]