Guy In Hotel Hears Scratching Sounds From Bathroom, Goes To Check And Finds THIS Clawing Its Way Up His Toilet

Gonna be a quick post because there’s not much to say about this. According to Redditor Cecebird, the following happened to his uncle while he was staying in an unnamed hotel:

This was at a hotel my uncle was staying at, in his hotel room…He heard scratching in his bathroom. I would check out immediately! If it happened once, it could happen again:/

Notice how that pulled quote was pretty redundant of what I just said? Yeah, that’s because there’s not much else to say. Shit’s fucked up, especially when you realize that this…

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…was trying to crawl up through his goddamn toilet.

Of course it’s not like this sort of thing is typical, but still…da fuk.

[Via Reddit]