Guy Tags Every Girl He’s Tried To Hit On In Giant Facebook Post, Backfires When Girls Give Him Their Opinion Of Him

This is a classic case of “Just because YOU thought it was funny and YOU thought it was a good idea, doesn’t mean it’s either.” Sure Luke crowd sourced his idea first, asking the general masses that make up his Facebook friends whether he should pull the trigger and go ahead with the following idea…

…and sure, over 30 people liked it. But that doesn’t mean it’s a smart thing to do – hell, I would’ve liked that status too just to see what sort of embarrassing shit I could get Luke to do. Doesn’t mean I thought it was a good idea though.

But of course Luke didn’t think of it like that and only saw the potential for likes on likes on likes. Or maybe he just likes drama? Either way, Luke started counting down…

…and only one hour later, he blessed us with this:

While YOU might be laughing and I might be laughing, the girls who Luke tagged…not so much:

Frankly the entire thing is a bit embarrassing – first off, why would you want your Facebook friends, a group of people comprised mostly of acquaintances you only know in passing, to know that you failed at hitting on 26 girls? Or that you even kept track? Or that you’re thirsty enough for attention that you went and dedicated a post to them and tagged every single one of them in it? The whole thing is just weird, weirder and vaguely uncomfortable.

While Luke’s already sealed his fate as “That fuckstick I’m Facebook friends with who wrote a creepy eulogy to all the chicks he failed to bang,” let this serve as a lesson to the six other people out there who’ve pondered about doing something similar: don’t.


[Via Imgur]