Guy Tapes Money To Himself In Public And Tells People To ‘Take What They Need,’ What Actually Happens Is Disgusting

“Like OMG I have a NAIL appointment tomorrowwww!”

“I don’t need the money but it’s free so why wouldn’t I take it?”

These people are the reason the world is going to shit. Bitch is carrying a Louis Vuitton bag and the guy is dressed to the nines in a fancy business suit, but NOPE better grab some free cash since it’s sitting right in front of you. A lot of these YouTube videos tend to be staged and while I can’t tell you definitively whether or not this falls into that category, assuming it doesn’t the fact that the homeless guy is the only person to take less than $5 because it’s “all he needs” really speaks volumes.

At the end of the day, all you really need is food and shelter – not fancy fucking nail polish or a mocha froppa crappaccino from Starbucks.

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