This Guy Has Been Sending The Same Angry Text To His Ex-Girlfriend Every Day For 3 YEARS

guy text every day ex-girlfriend


This guy who has been sending the same savage text to his ex-girlfriend EVERY DAY for THREE YEARS might have some issues. I’m just sayin’.

Although without knowing the full story behind this breakup there might be a good reason for his never-ending attacks. Eh, on second though, there really can’t be a good enough reason for to be this obsessive, right?

Here’s a better look…

That’s right, he sets an alarm to remind him to send his text every day.

All of this leads me to two thoughts: (1) now that this is public who on Earth would want to date him now? and (2) why doesn’t she just block his number?

Other people on Twitter also had a few opinions to share on this odd situation…

Turns out our man didn’t take too kindly to being questioned…

H/T Mirror

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