Guy’s Friends Text His Stepmom From His Phone Trying To See If They Can Get Him Laid And Their Strategy Is A+++

Flattery is the best way to a girl’s heart along with Chipotle, dinner dates and the occasional 3 a.m. burrito and blunt session, so when these guys decided to see if they could get their friend Alex’s stepmom (Debbie) to bang him they brought out their A-game. If the title is to believed, they brought out their A+++ game – and while flattery might work for your average chick in her 20’s, I’d think a woman of a more “mature” stature would require something else; something smarter, something wittier, something less…I don’t know, less “please fuck me please pay attention please bang meeee.”

So while these guys’ strategy might’ve gotten them laid tenfold on Tinder, when it comes to a woman of more “refined” tastes? Yeah, not so much. Besides, they had to overcome the hurdle of the fact that Debbie is technically this kid’s stepmom – not even Don Draper could’ve pulled it off:

Swing and a miss boys, but you know the saying: you can’t hit a home-run if you don’t swing the bat. Better luck next time and maybe you’ll hit a pop fly, which by my guesses would equate to a nice over the pants handjob (OTPHJ) in the backseat of her minivan.

[H/T LadBible]