Here’s A Secret Hack On How To Get A Headphone Jack In Your iPhone 7

Is the lack of a headphone jack the only thing keeping you from buying an iPhone 7? Are you too cheap to buy Bluetooth headphones, yet totally willing to shell out $600+ on a phone that isn’t compatible with your shitty pair of wired beats? Well fear not, for this secret hack on how to get a headphone jack in your iPhone 7 will fix ALL your problems! Simply take a power drill, stick it in whatever side of the phone you want your jack, and start drilling – presto! A functional, usable headphone jack that the whole family can enjoy!

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any phones you may or may not break after doing this. We are also not responsible for replacing your phone after you find out that, duh, your new “headphone jack” is not actually functional. If we were a herd of monkeys out in the jungle, you would be the one we sacrifice to tigers to help keep the gene pool clean.