One Year Ago Today, Harambe Was Taken From Us, Celebrate His Life With 60 Memes

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Sunday, May 28, 2016, a day that will live in infamy. That was the fateful day that the world was robbed of our lord and savior Harambe. The beloved gorilla was fatally shot on this day one year ago after a child wandered into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. One year has passed, but there is still so much love for the silverback gorilla because heroes get remembered, legends never die.

People have been dealing with the grief from the loss of Harambe the Almighty by writing heartfelt tributes, singing songs, posting memes, and even getting their dicks out. While Harambe is dead, the adoration and the memes for the precious primate will never die.

On the anniversary of his death, we celebrate the eternal life of Harambe with memes that no zookeeper with a gun can take away from us.

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best damn photos

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