Has Banksy Been Discovered?

NOTE: If you don't want to see what probably is Banksy, if you want to keep the “mystique” of it all intact, close out now. I know I find Daft Punk about 40% less cool after seeing them without their helmets.


Today, Twitter user @DjJonHenry sent to Gothamist and several other news outlets a series of photographs taken at what is undoubtedly Banksy's New York warehouse. It's located in Brooklyn's Red Hook district, and parked outside are two trucks the artist has used as exhibits: The Sirens of the Lambs and the waterfall truck.

Standing beside the truck is a man who looks identical to the previously published Daily Mail photo. It's blurry, but it really could be him. Gothamist blew it up:

Magic gone. Of course, I (and many, many others) think Banksy may have began as a one-man show but has since morphed into an artist collective—and what you're seeing above is the crew responsible for such a prolific output across NYC this month. But what do any of us know, really.

Except that we should have bought that print at Central Park last weekend.

[H/T: Gothamist]