This Guy Stole A Truck To Get Arrested Just So He Could Get Away From His Wife

Meet your newest Internet hero, people. His name is Hayden Scott Vandiver and look at how happy he is to be in jail.

Not only did he steal a truck so he could get arrested and escape his wife, he stole his former boss’s truck just so he could get back at him too.

To top that off, he also took the $60,000 truck and drove it one-and-a-half miles through a creek with the doors open until he ended up in four feet of water.

In an interview with WKRN News 2 in Tennessee, Vandiver said that he hoped his wife was watching, “She is having a bad time right now. She knows I done this to get away from her.”

As for why he stole the truck, he says it was because he hates people who disrespect their employees.

“Yes I took his baby. How does it make me feel? Probably it made me feel great cause I know it’s gonna hurt him when he comes in the next day and his little baby ain’t sitting there and it’s four foot in a creek,”

But why drive it through a creek, Hayden? “Cause I like driving in a creek,” was his response.

Good enough for me!

H/T Death and Taxes