If You’re Looking For Headphones That Won’t Break The Bank, These 808 Audio Performer Bluetooth Ones Are Perfect

For the last two months I’ve been putting off buying new headphones because I’m cheap as hell and would rather suffer through using random pairs of cruddy earbuds I can find than actually spend money on something I need. I know I know, I’m probably a masochist but oh well. I made it through 2 months and breaking 4 pairs of earbuds (I’m not reckless, they were just worth literally no more than ~.50 cents each) before I broke down and decided it was time to shell out for a legit pair of headphones.

So I sat down and started looking around. When I’m going to shell out money for something, you best be sure I’m not going to blow it on something dumb that’ll last 10 minutes and then explode on me. I think Bose are overrated and Beats are overpriced, but since those are literally the only two brands anyone wears (and to be fair, it’s because those are the only headphones advertised on television and people are saps), where did that leave me?

With 808 Audio Performer Bluetooth Headphones, thank GOD.

Not only are the features on the 808 Audio Performer Headphones hand-selected by professional DJ’s such as Audien, but they’re not heavy. Most Bluetooth headphones are mad bulky because they have to fit all this fancy-shmancy hardware into the two earpieces to make the Bluetooth work. Not these. They’re light and don’t make my head start to ache after ~30 minutes of use, not after ~60 minutes of use, and not at all, honestly.

Oh, and to add to the fact that they’re light, they’re made of STEEL. Like I can go drop them and I won’t feel like the world has ended, whereas my previous pair of Bluetooth headphones were plastic and broke after approximately .0005 seconds of use.

They sucked.

The main difference I notice between these headphones and others however is the sound. It’s clear. Not only is there no muffling or distortion, but they block out the ruckus of what’s going on around me pretty well considering how light they are. You can either have giant bulky headphones that are basically 10 pounds because they block out any and all sound, or you can have lightweight ones that let you hear the slightest cricket chirping next to you because they don’t cancel out crap. These headphones are the perfect combination of both.

Honestly, Audien summed it up pretty well:

“The 808 Performer Headphones have such a simple yet sexy silhouette with unmatched comfort. As a DJ, that’s a hard-to-find combo,” said Audien, one of DJ Magazine’s top 100 DJs in the world, who worked hands-on with designers to ensure the headphones catered to the working DJ as well as music lovers. “A successful DJ set requires both tastefully chosen music and exhilarating physical energy to inspire the crowd. These headphones allow for both comfortable movement, and sonic excellence, which is only further complimented by their enticing aesthetic appeal.”

While the 808 Audio Performer Headphones will only become commercially available this coming spring, you can head over to their site here to sign up for news on when they’ll be available for purchase. Which, obviously, is something you can do if you favor headphones that don’t break the bank and are actually good quality.