Woman Who Murdered Her Mom Is Killing It In Prison, Too, Crushing Beers All Day And Having Lesbian Threesomes

If you ever wanna commit some crimes, Bros, I highly suggest you do it in Bali. Because jail in Bali sounds dope.

Heather Mack and her then-boyfriend murdered her mother in a hotel in Bali in 2014, dumping her body in a suitcase.

A Balinese court sentenced her to ten years, and it sounds like it’s the opposite of hard time.

According to the Daily Mail, she spends her days crushing brews and having threesomes in Kerobokan Prison.

Fuck, man. I wanna go to jail in Bali.

Daily Mail Online traveled to the prison and spoke to various sources who explained that [her now ex-bofriend Tommy] Schaefer and Mack are having the time of their lives in jail after unsuspecting supporters had given hundreds of thousands of dollars to help with their doomed legal battle.

Both of them can drink, eat and smoke anything they want, whenever they want. And Mack is taking it to the extremes with her wild love life.

She and Schaefer have split up since they’ve been in prison and Mack’s been making the most of being surrounded by other young female inmates – by dating them. They call themselves the ‘pretty little criminals’.

Hell, this is better than my life in New York already.

She is currently in a three-way relationship with two local girls, one is a lesbian, who goes by the name of Rafael, and the other is a petite Asian teen called Nadya.

They are all ‘enjoying’ each others’ company and are often pictured kissing and canoodling each other, while making sexual references.

Chill man. I gotta go to work all day, not drink beer and smoke and fuck. Why aren’t we all in prison there? It don’t cost much to ball.

A source said that at Bali’s notorious Kerobokan Prison, money talks – prisoners pay for their jail cells and can have any food and alcohol they want and get almost unlimited freedom, as long as they’re prepared to buy it. Mack shared a photo of packs of cigarettes while in prison

Rent is around $200 a month and guards can be paid off around $100 a time to turn a blind eye to prisoners having a ‘day out’ or even allowing spouses or prostitutes to visit.

Mack was allowed out four weeks ago to visit a local Balinese restaurant with Stella on Mother’s Day and even sent the photos to her pals, a source said.

Lol what? Although, brews and sex aside, it still is a prison.

Only last week, one prisoner told us that he’d seen someone disemboweled and another stabbed for a measly $5.

Yea maybe never mind.

You can see pictures of her life and lovers over at the Daily Mail.

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