Hey Jake, Here’s That Post About ‘Cheers’ Character Sam Malone You Asked For

Name: jake
Subject: Cheers
Message: I've always loved the show Cheers (who doesn't love a show about a bar), so I checked to see if you guys ever wrote something about Sam Malone, but I didn't find anything specific.

Well, Jake, you’re somewhat correct. While we’ve never mentioned Sam Malone outright, we’ve definitely pushed out some Ted Danson content.

For instance, here’s his acting debut. And here’s him being mentioned in a Jon Lajoie song. And what’s this? It’s him in a Funny or Die sketch with Ben Stiller.

There can’t be more, right? That’s, like, an impressive amount of stuff devoted to the actor who played your favorite barkeep.

Well don’t look now, Jake, but we’ve also covered Danson’s cameo on a Beastie Boys tribute video.

It should be noted that our new favorite reader attached an image clearly snagged off a Google Image search.

We can only assume he wanted us to share it with the rest of you, so here we are:

Thank you, Jake and everyone else out there, for your continued readership.