This High School Banned 100 Students From Graduation After Their Senior Prank Involved Dead Animals And Urine

My high school senior prank was awful. I think people camped out in the parking lot overnight for some reason, and maybe there were streamers littered throughout the inside of the school? I really can’t remember because it was so dumb, but despite being a gigantic waste of everyone’s time at least no one was arrested and the school didn’t get trashed with dead animals and pee. Nope, the only people who are dumb enough to do something like that are the kids over at Sequoyah High School in Madisonville, Tennessee. Throughout the rest of this article you’ll probably be asking yourself “Why?” and the only acceptable answer to that question is “Because they’re stupid high school kids.” In other words, there’s no rhyme or reason to this; just stupidity. According to Daily Mail,

100 Seniors at Sequoyah High School in Madisonville have been accused of misconduct after an act of severe vandalism in which they covered the hallways at the school in hay, urine, trash and even dead animals.

In addition to those individuals beings banned from their graduation ceremony, a deputy who let them into the school has been fired from his job and the school principal has been suspended as the incident is under investigation.

Director of Schools Tim Blankenship has suspended Principal Gary Cole without pay, and that Deputy James Fisher has been fired after he was caught on camera letting the students into the school.

Fisher then left, but was seen returning when he heard the prank had gotten out of hand.

He also reportedly gave a false report about the incident.

Most senior pranks go down without any real damage or incident, so I don’t think it’s fair to fire the deputy. Was letting those kids into the building and leaving them unsupervised a good idea? No, but it’s not like he saw them rolling up with buckets of dead possums and dipped. He probably saw them arriving with glitter and balloons, as was originally planned.

One student, Kody Hampton, told Local 8 that the prank just involved glitter and balloons at first when it started last Thursday around midnight, but took a turn when more students began showing up around 1:00am.(Via)

Rather than banning the students from their graduation ceremony as punishment (which is more a slap in the face to their parents, because who really gives a shit about walking across a stage and being handed a diploma besides parents), the students should be required to clean the school…and eat the possums.

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