High School Bro Rejected For Prom Gets Sweet Payback When He Shows Up With Kylie Jenner

Rio Americano High School student Albert Ochoa was rejected by his crush for prom, but did he wallow in self-pity or did he man up and try something completely outrageous on the off-chance it might work? Like, something like saying to hell with his crush and inviting Kylie Jenner to be his date.

Our man Albert opted for door number two, and boom, reaped the type of reward that comes to those who take chances.

Heck, not only did Kylie Jenner show up as his date to the prom she brought along her best friend, Jordyn Woods, so bro had not one but two damn dates.

Something Albert’s sister Selena simply could not believe was happening…

Jenner, 19, had never attended a prom before as she was home-schooled so she did as we all do on prom night. She charted a private jet to Sacramento and partied down.

Ochoa’s friend Humberto hit the nail on the head when he tweeted, “s/o to @albertochoa05 with that come back.”

Needless to say Ochoa’s classmates lost their freaking minds when all this went down…

Albert Ochoa, folks. Rio Americano High School legend.