Hillary Clinton Supporters Completely Agree With Donald Trump In Jimmy Kimmel DNC Prank

Supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have polar opposite views on immigration to free college to gun control to health care. But maybe supporters of the Democratic and the Republican presidential candidates agree on more than they ever imagined.

Jimmy Kimmel Live went to the Democratic National Convention last week and asked Clinton enthusiasts about their opinions on stances said by Hillary. Those interviewed were ardently supportive and enthusiastic about the quotes from Hillary. One itsy bitsy problem – the quotes weren’t from Hillary. They were Donald J. Trump quotes. Yes, the I’m With Her crowd was ready to Make America Great Again by getting rid of common core and keeping Diet Coke.

I’m sure the staunch advocates for Hillary wanted to chop their own tongue off after being told they were agreeing with their sworn enemy.

The scary part is that he didn’t ask random pedestrians who don’t know jack about politics walking down Hollywood Boulevard where they regularly film their hit “Lie Witness News” segment. This was at the Democratic National Convention where there are people passionate enough about politics spend their days listening to people talk about politics.

Now think of how badly misinformed the typical voter from both sides of the aisle are. They will be electing the next President of the United States. Super scary.