VOTE HILLARY, BROS: New Study Says Menstrual Cycles Do Not Affect Politcal Views

by 4 years ago

Look. There’s no need to beat around the bush. You know it, I know it, the bears — with their acute sense of smell — know it.

The reason we are all hesitant to vote for a woman president is the menstruating.

So many questions about it and the ability to run an entire nation during it. Would a woman president make the male Secret Service agents hold her tampons? What if some of her menstruation leaked out while she was shaking hands with some citizens outdoors and someone scooped up a little drop of it and then was able to clone her and we were unable to tell the difference between the real president and the president cloned from leaked menstrual blood?

What would we do then?

No, no. Much better to elect a man and not worry about those concerns.

Another — also less legitimate worry but no less stupid than the above ones — is that a woman would act differently when she was on her period. So like, what if the Cuban Missile Crisis happened during “that time of the month.”

Well, that’s a stupid concern, but one that’s thankfully now been thoroughly debunked.

From Raw Story:

A new study of 750 women, published in the journal PLoS One, found no evidence of link between menstrual cycle phase and political conservatism.

“In summary, our data offer little support for the proposal that there is a substantial, politically significant, effect of menstrual cycle phase on political attitude,” researchers Isabel M. Scott and Nicholas Pound of Brunel University London wrote.

Yea, because, duh. So your conservative president will stay conservative and your liberal will stay liberal.

So feel free to vote Hillary without qualms. (She may also be post-menopausal, which would mean that no one could clone her from leaked menstrual blood, too, which is a plus!)

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