Hillary Clinton’s Handlers Defied Secret Service, Refused To Take Her To Hospital After She Collapsed

If you thought Hillary Clinton’s fainting spell would quickly fade from the news cycle, then you have no idea how great Democratic operatives are at fucking the proverbial chicken in its own ass.

Now, the New York Post say that Hillary’s staff defied Secret Service orders and insisted she not be taken to the hospital.

Hillary Clinton was headed to an emergency room following her frightening collapse at the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony — but detoured to daughter Chelsea Clinton’s apartment to keep details of her medical treatment under wraps, The Post has learned.

Secret Service protocol called for the Democratic presidential nominee to be rushed to a state-designated Level I Trauma Center in the wake of her Sunday morning health crisis, sources said.

But a campaign operative decided to change course to avoid having Clinton seen by doctors, nurses and other medical workers who could leak details to reporters, according to a source.

That won’t SPARK any speculation of a cover-up. Because why couldn’t she go to the hospital for just a minor check up?

Meanwhile, Politico reported an in-depth timeline of events, saying that Hilary has fought chronic dehydration all campaign, and once she got some water in her was fine, thus negating a need for a hospital.

On Sunday, Clinton began showing signs of light-headedness standing at the Sept. 11 memorial service next to New York Sens. Charles Schumer — who on Monday disclosed that he too just got over a bout of pneumonia — and Kirsten Gillibrand, the sources said, and they flagged aides to get her water. After a few minutes, the candidate and her staff determined that she needed to get out of the heat and headed to a pick-up area, where she was seen — and filmed – stumbling into her van in a near swoon.

But the two Clinton confidantes told POLITICO that Clinton, drinking water while sitting in the air-conditioned backseat, quickly recovered and began making calls to tell staff and family what had happened, and almost immediately began assessing the political fallout.

Also plausible. Oh is it SPIN?

Honestly, who gives a fuck? JFK would have died in office if he hadn’t been shot, FDR couldn’t stand by the end of his presidency, and the best Republican president of the 21st century finished his second term without a functional brain.

There’s other shit we could be talking about. But we won’t. We won’t.