Meet 26-Year-Old Hillary Clinton, A Music Festival Organizer That We Can All Agree Is Terrific

Whether you are a Hillary Clinton supporter or not, here’s one Hillary Clinton I think we can all feel good about.

Meet 26-Year-Old Hillary Clinton from New Orleans, Louisiana a music festival organizer who luckily, or unluckily depending on how you feel, was named before her parents had even heard of the other Hillary Clinton.

Because of the obvious, CNN met with the other Hillary and here’s a little bit of what they came up with…

It wouldn’t be until 1998, when news of the Lewinsky scandal broke, that sharing a name with the first lady would become a problem for Hillary Clinton, a seven-year-old in elementary school at the time.

“I didn’t really understand what the act was that had happened, so the jokes didn’t make sense to me and the attention was not attention I was looking for, so I actually changed my name for a few months,” Clinton explained to CNN, sitting in the middle of Suwannee Hulaween, a music festival she helped organize over the Halloween weekend in Northern Florida.

Part of her job involves liaising with performing artists and their agents.

“My emails sometimes get ignored and I have to send multiple follow-ups. People think I’m part of the campaign or they think it’s spam,” Clinton says.

She’s not kidding.

“I asked my agent if her name was a joke,” one performer from France told CNN at the Suwannee Hulaween festival.

She’s also had her Facebook account been suspended multiple times because they thought her name was a fake so now she just goes by “Hill Clinton” on the social media site.

This Hillary also won’t be voting for Trump, but knows that no matter who wins her life isn’t going to get much easier. “I’m screwed either way,” she says. “If Hillary Clinton wins, then it’s just going to get worse … for me.”

Check out the video they put together with her and a man named Donald Trump, who is a doctor and CEO of the Inova Schar Cancer Institute, who also has had issues with having such a famous name in this wild and wacky election year.


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