Hollow Point Rounds Shot Into Ballistic Gel In Slow-Mo HD Is Straight Up Gun Porn

Unless you’re deeply ingrained into the world of shooting, chances are that you’ve get to experience even 1/1,000th of the gun videos on YouTube. Lately I’ve been wading through some of it, and at this point I’m convinced there are as many gun videos on YouTube as there are cat and dog vids. Along my travels through the gun world I’ve found a few personalities that are really putting out some glorious videos, one of those such personalities is Andrew from GY6vids, who made that video you can see above.

In the video you’ve got one shooter firing off 4 different types of 45acp hollow point rounds (Hornady CD, G2research RIP, Winchester PDX1, and Federal Hydra Shok) from a Double Barrel 1911 pistol. This all started because viewers were curious what two hollow points shot off at the same time would look like when hitting the ballistic gel. So they got together the four types of hollow points, and they’re using ballistic gel as a target while filming everything with the high speed camera for that glorious slow-mo HD footage. Naturally, I’ve taken it upon myself to break down the best footage into GIFs, because I tend to think everything looks better in GIF. So here are a few highlights from the ‘Double Barrel 1911 vs. Ballistic Gel’: