I’ve Watched This Insane Honda Ad Five Times And I STILL Can’t Figure Out How It Was Made

I’m not one to just go with the crowd and say that a commercial is cool—which is why Super Bowl ads REALLY piss me off. There doesn’t have to be a good one every year, guys.

However, when a commercial comes along that truly blows my mind, I need to give it its fair due.

That’s why this Honda advert gets my love today, because it will absolutely blow your mind with how amazing it is. From the flipbook illusion to the other illustrations going on throughout, I really have watched it a handful of times and STILL aren’t sure how they were able to make it.

Thankfully, the company released a behind the scenes vid to give some insider tips, but still, if there were an Oscar Award for commercials, this thing would be like Meryl Streep, scooping nominations and trophies like it ain’t no thing at all.

[H/T Mirror.UK]