The Honest Trailer For ‘Pokémon Diamond And Pearl’ Renamed Every Pokémon While Ripping The Game A New Asshole

Not gonna lie, I hated both Pokémon Diamond AND Pearl. Doing anything took for-fucking-ever because the main player walks slower than shit even when running, and getting into a Pokémon battle just meant you were about to waste 5 minutes of your life watching stupid little animated attacks fly everywhere. Bitch I aint’ got time for this shit, I have gym leaders to defeat! An Elite Four to destroy! I don’t want to sit here and watch your Bidoof try to scratch me to death. There should’ve been a “speed up” option like there is with emulators, but whatever. That’s why I stick to emulators these days. Not because I’m poor – but because I’m impatient. Fuck you and your Bidoof.