Hooters Will Give Any Single Dude Some Free Wings Tonight If He Shreds A Photo Of His Ex

Would spending your Valentine’s Day at Hooters in a sea of light beer with a massive bowl of boneless wings, and a semi-hard-on for the busty, curvaceous staff be some sort of forever alone rock bottom? Eh, for sure, but long as Hooters is dishing out 10 free boneless wings for any dude down to shred a photo of his ex (you can even do it at the damn restaurant), I’m all for that beer-soaked, buffalo sauce-coated solitude. Fox 7 Austin released the following statement on the whole matter:

“On Feb. 14, Hooters will give you 10 free boneless wings – with a purchase of 10 wings – if you shred a photo of your ex-lover. Sure, that’s a lot of wings, but what do you have to lose at this point? You can do this two ways: Head to Hooters.com/ShredYourEx and print a digital coupon, or bring an actual photo to a Hooters establishment, and take care of business on-site.”