Ear Canal Completely Blocked With Earwax Gets Cleaned Out — This Is Top 3 Most Horrifying Things I’ve Ever Seen

Dr. Pimple Popper’s got NOTHING on this, truly. The action starts around 3:45, and the video’s supposed to auto-start at that point but if it doesn’t for whatever reason just jump to there. Now in this clip above we get to see someone’s clogged ear drained, someone’s clogged ear that looks like it’s equal parts Ryan Reynolds from Deadpool dipped in pure Vermont maple syrup and a level from DOOM (1993), the video game of our childhood. I’m not going to sugar coat it at all, this is up there in the top 3 most F’d up things I’ve ever seen on the Internet, and I’ve begun to resent you bros who are into this for forcing my hand in watching shit like this on a regular basis. I have zero interest in gory ‘popping videos’, but here we are because I know many of you are into this shit, and I’m a crowd pleaser.

I suppose this was the logical conclusion of the Internet’s peculiar fascination with ‘popping videos’, the type of videos that propelled Dr. Sandra Lee aka ‘Dr. Pimpple Popper‘ to over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. This clip comes from the YouTube channel of ‘drrahmatorlummc‘, and I wish I could tell you where their first name ends and last name begins based on that YouTube channel name but I’ve got nothing. I can tell you that there are some horrific videos on their YT channel though, so click that link above if you’re interested in subscribing.

Normally after a video like this I’d make you bros some horrific GIFs but I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to do it this time around. If you really want more of this scarring shit then you can just watch the video again, and share it with your friends so they know how terrifying the Internet can be.

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