This Study Says That Hot People Are Less Likely To Get Sick, While Ugly People…Yeah No.

Life must suck for ugly people. Like really, really suck. First off the only people willing to bone you are apparently sleep deprived, and then we all have “that friend.” You know, the one who always gets blown off by the opposite sex because when push comes to shove, talking to the trash can in the corner of the bar is more sexually appealing than talking to “that friend.” Sure “that friend” is human, but the trashcan? Hell, maybe someone threw away a full unopened beer. Priorities here, people.

Anyhoo, researchers at the University of Cincinnati categorized people as very unattractive, unattractive, about average, attractive or very attractive, and then surveyed them about whether they had been diagnosed or experienced various symptoms.

” For each increase in the rating of physical attractiveness for men, there was a 13 per cent reduction in the likelihood of a diagnosis for high cholesterol, a 20 per cent drop in the risk of high blood pressure, a 15 per cent reduction in the probability of being diagnosed with depression, a 23 per cent decrease in the likelihood of an ADHD diagnosis, and a 21 per cent lower likelihood of stuttering.

Women who were rated as more attractive were 21 per cent less likely to be diagnosed with high blood pressure, 22 per cent less likely to have diabetes, 12 per cent less likely to be asthmatic, 17 per cent less likely to suffer from depression, 18 per cent less likely to receive an ADHD diagnosis, 18 per cent less likely to stutter and 13 per cent less likely to have tinnitus.

…The researchers suggest their findings support the theory that attractiveness is a marker of healthy genes.”

Via Daily Mail

It all makes perfect sense when you think about it. No high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes means you’re probably not fat, and people with stutters…yeah that gets annoying pretty quick. As for the ADHD diagnosis, that doesn’t sound too bad until you think about that “one” hyperactive kid on the playground who won’t shut the fuck up and stop eating the sand out of the sandbox. You think he’s gonna grow up and be successful? HELL no, he’ll move on to eating paste by 4th grade and come high school he’ll probably be the kid huffing sharpies in the bathroom. It could be worse though. At least these people aren’t necessarily stupid too.