Nightmare Fuel: Hotel Guests Slept With A Dead Body Under Their Bed For Over A Week

As if hotels weren’t already gross enough to make me never want to travel again, now comes this horrific story out of Mexico City.

In news that you will remember every time you check in to a hotel from now on, guests at the Hotel El Senador discovered that they had been sleeping in a bed that had a dead body under it for over a week!

Hotel guests were oblivious for days that there was a corpse wrapped up in plastic underneath their bed.

Police in Mexico City believe the woman’s body had been there for at least a week when it was discovered at Hotel El Senador.

The foul smell eventually led staff to look under the bed and make the gruesome discovery.

Oh… Dear God… NOPE, NOPE, NOPE.

Medics who were the first at the scene could only confirm that the woman was dead and was aged between 25 and 30. A coroner’s report later confirmed that she had died from suffocation.

A spokesman from the hotel said: ‘During the time that we believe the woman was under the bed, several people checked into the room and slept with the body underneath the bed.’

The hotel staff did recognize the deceased woman as having arrived with a male companion, but their identities currently still remain a mystery.

Yep. I’ll just be staying home from now until… forever, thanks.

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