Here’s How Many Dates It Takes To Get To A ‘Grubhub And Chill’ Date, According To A Tinder Survey

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Going out all the time is exhausting. There’s nothing better than getting a mound of spicy orange chicken and rice delivered to your door while kickin’ it on the couch watching Iron Fist and Trailer Park Boys on Netflix. So what’s the ideal number of dates you need to go on with a person before you reach “Grubhub and chill” status in a relationship?

Three, according to a study of over 2,000 singles on Tinder. Grubhub commissioned the study on the dating app, but apparently that’s all it takes on average to start kickin’ it for a casual night in:

Grubhub and chill make for the ideal third date.
Q: It’s your third date. What do you do?
A: 60 percent of respondents prefer to order in for a casual night in, whereas the remaining 40 percent prefer to dine out.

A few more findings in the study between Grubhub and Tinder:

Today’s singles embrace hearty date night food.
Q: Which do you prefer on a first date?
A: 62 percent of respondents prefer a “heartier” dish, whereas 38 percent prefer something “lighter”.

You don’t have to offer to pick up the bill to make the step to a second date.
Q: Would not offering to pay be a deal-breaker?
A: Only 36 percent of respondents would rule out a second date if the other person didn’t offer to pay and 64 percent said it would not be an issue.

What’s mine is yours.
Q: Your date keeps stealing food off your plate. What do you do?
A: ‘Scowl,’ according to 31 percent of respondents in comparison to 69 percent of
respondents who answered ‘share.’

Unless you can use chopsticks, don’t bother with sushi.
Q: Your date uses a fork for sushi. What do you think?
A: 56 percent of respondents thought, ‘it’s cringe-worthy!’ and the remaining 44 percent thought ‘it’s adorable’ to forgo the chopsticks.

Wait… A fork for sushi?

Have some respect for the craft!!!! What’s next, ginger on the fish?!

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