U.S. Map Shows How Much Money You Have To Make To Be In The 1 Percent In Each State

People say money can’t buy happiness and that it isn’t everything, but…fuck that, money rocks. It just does. Sure, it may not buy unmitigated happiness or hand you a fulfilled life, but if you’re life is already great, I refuse to believe that more cash can’t amplify its greatness. Just don’t be an asshole about it or spend it like a moron. And even if you’re a one-percenter and your life is a messy pile of shit, at least you don’t have to worry about money, because worrying about money is the fucking worst.

Maybe I’m wrong. But I’m not.

So what will it take to reach that no worries, one-percent level that a lot of American’s aspire to? For starters, a lifetime of sound financial decisions helps, but so does your salary. This map below details how much you need to earn per year, by state, to be considered in the one-percent.

I knew New York and New Jersey and Connecticut would be north of $500K, but I actually thought more interior states would be closer to the $200K level. And I’m SHOCKED about what’s going on in North Dakota. Why is that so high? Honest question.

Are you in the one-percent? Think you’re beefy 500K salary makes you super elite? Allow this chart below — showing the average income (per year) for one-percenters in each state — to knock you down a few pegs.


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