Here’s A Very Simple Thing You Can Do To Help Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Many of us, and I mean MANY, do not get enough sleep on a daily basis. There are numerous reasons for that which have been covered ad nauseum: stress, using electronic devices, etc.

I am as guilty of it as anyone so when I saw this video that claimed to provide a simple tip about how to get a better night’s sleep it got my attention.

And despite the suggestions offered up by my co-workers when I shared it with them it is not any of the following…

— Masturbate.
— Wash down fist full of xanax with a gallon of moonshine.
— Force yourself to hyperventilate and have someone choke you until you pass out.

While all of those would probably work, that’s not the tip I am here to share with you today.

It basically all boils down to your body temperature while you are sleeping or trying to sleep. The higher your body temperature is, the more alert you are and vice versa. So to help you with this here’s all you need to do: sleep with your feet outside the covers.

Why the feet? Because, one, your feet are hairless, making more susceptible to cooling, and two, they contain blood vessels that dissipate heat cooling the rest of your body.

So if you aren’t getting enough zzz’s this might just be the trick that gets you over the hump.

The video below explains it even further…

H/T Unilad; Man in bed image by Shutterstock

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